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100% Natural skincare

without any chemical additives, foaming agents and colourants. 


The bare minimum, to NATURALLY give your skin the most.


Only using the best Olive oil to ensure all the goodness remains and give your skin all the benefits of antioxidants in the natural products-fighting free radicals to slow down the signs of aging while nourishing, cleansing and protecting.


Formulated to preserve vitamins A, D, E, and K in skincare

- to fight the signs of aging & reduce hyperpigmentation caused by UV radiation, hormones, or acne.

- Stimulate the regeneration of skin, Boost skin’s elasticity, firmness, softness, smoothness and Hydrate skin.




I love to create and by turning one medium or product into something else gives me great joy.

When I think back, my curiosity was sparked in 2005 when I came back from France with a bag FULL of olive soap (that I still have) 

Through the years while producing Olive Oil and Table Olives, allways being busy with something or the other and with two little ones at home, the idea to make my own was put aside and then Lockdown happened.


Blindly without knowing it at the time we were given the gift of "TIME". So what started out as a little light research, turned into long nights of learning, experimenting, formulating and trying to tie all the pieces together.


So here we are

I am still doing all of the above, but with added passion since I believe in the magic of my products and am still in wonder of how something as simple as olive oil can be turned into powerfull cleansers and other wonderfull products that benefit the skin...Naturally